Loewen 1155 Pocket Work Knife

The Loewen 1155 pocket knife has a rounded, safety tip and a folding blade which is easy to open under working conditions. Note: carbon steel blades will hold a longer lasting cutting edge, but are more susceptible to corrosion than stainless steel. For this reason it is recommended to clean and oil carbon steel blades after use. A premium version of the Loewen pocket work knife is also available with polished Bubinga wood handle scales at a slightly higher retail price.

The Loewen Messer 1155 pocket work knife has a 7.6 cm long, blunt ended, chisel grind, carbon steel blade. The chisel grind, means the primary bevel is only ground on one side of the blade, with the other side ground completely flat. This give a thicker, stronger cutting edge ideal for horticultural work, pruning, budding and grafting, harvesting etc. The 1155 pocket work knife is constructed with synthetic green scales, fitted to stainless handle liners. Loewen Messer pocket knives are hand made in Solingen, Germany.

Loewen Messer 1155 Pocket Work Knife

Loewen Messer 1155 Pocket Work Knife Loewen Messer Knives

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