Arthur Wright Lambfoot Pocket Knife

Hand made in Sheffield by A. Wright & Son Ltd. the lambfoot pocket knife model 31 has a 2.8 inch, flat grind, mirror polished, C70 carbon steel blade. With its perfectly straight cutting edge and rounded tip, the lamb foot shaped blade makes an ideal work knife. As it is designed for hard use, the knife has a suitably strong back spring which holds the blade firmly open.

The pocket knife is also available in a basic version with rosewood handle and less highly polished blade. To preserve a shiny finish on the blade, carbon steel knives need to be cleaned and oiled after use to prevent corrosion. If not cleaned, the knife will gradually develop a grey / black patina over time. Light surface corrosion can be removed with fine emery cloth or sandpaper.

Lambfoot Pocket Knife Buffalo Horn Handle

Lambfoot Pocket Knife Buffalo Horn Handle Arthur Wright Knives

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