A. Wright Carbon Steel Pocket Knife – Cutting Test

A. Wright pocket knives are hand made in Sheffield, England with a high standard of quality control at each step of the process. The blades of A. wright pocket knives are made of extremely hard steel, as the cutting test demonstrates. With a price point below £25 including VAT and UK delivery, the A. Wright carbon steel folding pocket knives represent excellent value for money.

From new, the knife is sharp enough to make a fairly clean cut through a sheet of 80 GSM white paper. Cutting an aluminium soft drink can in half is easy and does not make the knife blunt. Immediately after cutting through an aluminium drinks can, and without re-sharpening the blade, it is still possible to make a fairly clean cut through a sheet of 80 GSM paper.

The only drawback with a hard blade steel such as this, is the slight difficulty when it comes to re-sharpening the blade. In this case, sharpening the blade is made even harder by the curved shape of the edge. Blades with a straight cutting edge such as the Lambfoot design are much easier to sharpen.

When choosing a work knife, one of the main considerations is the ability to maintain a sharp cutting edge after lengthy use.

A. Wright Carbon Steel Folding Knives Sheffield

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